Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly Goals

The author of my favorite blog Money Saving Mom always posts a weekly goal list of hers and goes over last weeks goals, I've been doing this on mine own since I started reading her blog, but today I was going through the comments on her post and noticed others saying they kept track of their goals on their blogs! So I decided to give it a try!
Here are my goals for this week:
1.Read at least 2 books twice a day with Jane
2. Do Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred at least twice this week, and walk 30 minutes every day.
3. Finish reading Twisted by Andrea Kane
4. Try one new recipe! (I'm thinking cookies!) Also I hope to try and fit in making French bread but it's  a whole day process so I don't know if it will happen!
5. Do the laundry twice! I've been doing laundry once a week, but that is just NOT working out for us! by the end of the week there is dirty laundry every where and a little takes me all day to do one load I forget about the laundry and only remember to switch things around every couple hours, and once it's out I usually don't fold it till the next day so adding onto this goal would be to actually finish it when I start!
6. Make bed every day. Things just look nicer this way!
7. Write a blog post about my CVS trip
8. Finish organizing my coupons that are all over the place!
9. Be more encouraging to my husband! I've been noticing lately I'm not very encouraging. I point out his flaws too much and ignore the fact that he's so great....most of the time ;)
For those of you reading this I challenge you to make a list of goals this week, the list can have 1 goal on it if you wish (that's how I started mine out!) or 20! It really does help!

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