Friday, October 7, 2011

My first coupon post!

I thought I'd share a little bit about a great way I use to save money! Coupons! Here is a picture of this weeks weekly CVS shopping trip:
I paid $24.77 for 2 packages of Huggies, Febreze fabric refresher, Febreze air refresher, 3 Febreze Set and Refresh and 1 package of razors.
Normally every week I give myself a $15 spending limit and only allow myself to go over when it's time to buy diapers or formula.
Here's how I did it!  The diapers were on sale for 7.99 each and I used (1) $1.50 off coupon, CVS had a deal if you bought $15 worth of select house hold items you get $5 in ECB which can be used on your next purchase like cash.  So I used $1 off coupon on the febreze fabric refresher, a $2 off 2 coupon for the febreze Set and Refresh (they were on sale for 2.99 so I paid full price for one) The razors were  orginally $8.28 but I had a coupon for free razors! I had $5.79 worth of ECB from last weeks shopping trip. With out coupons I would have paid $41.30! I received the $5 ECB from the febreze and $3 for the razors which I used to get some candy and wipes for $0.42 later this week!
Almost all of these coupons I found in the Sunday paper. The free razor coupon I received for letting the Schick company know that my razors were falling apart.
Letting companies know how you feel about their products is a great way to get coupons, in my expreince most companies will send you a coupon or two for giving them your opinion (good *and* bad!).
Normally Sunday morning I plan out my coupon trips by finding sample shopping trips on a couple blogs. This week I was not as great as planning out my trip. I had several plans in mind which ended up not working out...I actually forgot a couple coupons I had and was not able to get a few things we needed because of that!  I spent a good hour or so today cutting out coupons from last weeks paper, arranging my coupon binder, and throwing out a lot of expired coupons. Couponing is so much easier when I'm organized!!
Also just a little note this month P&G is donating 2 cents to The National Breast Cancer Foundation for every coupon you use!

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