Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How time flies!

Exactly a year ago I was struggling to hide my tiny baby belly (which was barely there but I felt like it was!) and walking into an interview for my dream job, totally unsure of the future only knowing that I loved my baby girl already and working as a waitress at a dingy restaurant wasn't going to provide for me and my baby, I was engaged and planning my wedding for June 25, 2011 and living in the smallest apartment you've ever seen!
A year later...We're married (on 1/1/11) we live in Selma,CA in a house (!!!) I'm a stay at home mom (something I swore I would never do!) and I have the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful little girl in the whole world! Jane is 5 months old tomorrow!

It's *amazing* how so much can change in just one short year! I'm still getting used to California weather and I'll admit I miss my hoodies but reading about snow in September back in Minnesota makes me VERY glad to be here! It doesn't exactly feel like home yet but it's getting there!
Somebody suggested a couple months ago I write a blog, I love to read blogs and I love to write so I decided to give it a try! I'm not totally sure what will all be written about in this blog, so far I've come up with: My family, Parenting (what little I know about it) Coupons (one of my favorite things in the whole world) My attempts at learning how to cook and we'll see what else happens!

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